Saturday, January 4, 2014

Helping Hands.... We Do What We Gotta' Do.

OK.... so this has nothing to do with 2014 RTW Fast. My daughter attends Clemson University (Go Tigers!!) and is a Zeta. She is broke and so am I (after Christmas). She texts me the other day and says she needs [ANOTHER] $30 for a sorority gift exchange gift (limit $30). WHAT???? I just shared funds with you? What is next??? Well... she is "crafty" and so am I. So, it's not challenging to suggest to her that I use stash fabric and make a sorority applique - crown, letters, whatever! So today, I took pictures of t-shirts in Walmart to "demo" to her for approval. We (I) ended up purchasing a package of men's (M) v-neck t-shirts made by Jockey (nice fabric) and doing applique of Greek Z-T-A. Darling Daughter (DD) and I used Facetime to choose fabrics from my stash (as she prep'd to go get sushi with a friend). I received a number of thumbs up during the process.
I have finished the sample and am quite pleased. Applique purchased from ...Only 3 more to go by Monday.... Until next time...Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I bet the sisters all want one once they see this!

  2. moving on to hats now...... posting soon