Wednesday, February 12, 2014


WOW! Snow day today in South Carolina!!! No work!!! We still have power (PTL!!)

I used my time wisely.... first, i spent some time addressing my obligation as Membership Coordinator of the Central Savannah River Chapter of the American Sewing Guild. The American Sewing Guild (ASG) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to people who believe sewing is a rewarding and creative activity. It is a membership organization that welcomes sewing enthusiasts of all skill levels and from many different walks of life. Chapters are located in cities all across the country and members meet monthly to learn new sewing skills, network with others who share an interest in sewing and participate in community service sewing projects. Membership in the Guild gives you an opportunity to experience your love of any type of home sewing with others who share your interest.  If you are interested in meeting other sewists who have great ideas and are just fun to hang around, please consider joining ASG.  You won't be disapointed!

Meanwhile, when I completed catching up there.... I started sewing!  Yes.... actually putting fabric under the presser foot, sewing!  I am constructing my wearable muslin of Butterick 5682-View E:


I have not made pants/trousers in a few years, but this is going very well.  I'm at the point that I am trying to read the wrinkles.  My DH helped, but, being an engineeer-type, distracted me with his detail of HOW I would accomplish my task of better fitting.... gee whiz!!! I'l just DO IT.  Makes perfect sense to me!  Leave me alone!  I don't need to have a manual!!!!  :-)

More to come tomorrow.... as long as we have power.  Need to make sure I have a shower today while we still can enjoy such pleasures!

If you're in the "snow belt" enjoy your time if you can.  Be in touch soon!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Mother's Love.....

Another day..... Another Zeta project.  Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of creating one-of-a-kind items.  And if it saves me unexpected expense, I'm DEFINITELY all for it.... However, somehow that is not how it turns out!!?

Today, I ventured into the world of ball cap embroidery.  Found a GREAT YouTube video on how to hoop and embroider ball caps on a single needle embroidery machine (home machine) that just inspired me so!  Let me tell you, the hat is much easier than the t-shirts that I produced for Zeta!!!

Worked like a charm!!!
In the hoop

Now I have a request to make something like this:

I don't think I mind.... It stretches my abilities and I'm learning new techniques.  Besides, not only does it bring my Darling Daughter (DD) joy, it brings me joy in satisfaction that I can do this!

Til next time....

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Helping Hands.... We Do What We Gotta' Do.

OK.... so this has nothing to do with 2014 RTW Fast. My daughter attends Clemson University (Go Tigers!!) and is a Zeta. She is broke and so am I (after Christmas). She texts me the other day and says she needs [ANOTHER] $30 for a sorority gift exchange gift (limit $30). WHAT???? I just shared funds with you? What is next??? Well... she is "crafty" and so am I. So, it's not challenging to suggest to her that I use stash fabric and make a sorority applique - crown, letters, whatever! So today, I took pictures of t-shirts in Walmart to "demo" to her for approval. We (I) ended up purchasing a package of men's (M) v-neck t-shirts made by Jockey (nice fabric) and doing applique of Greek Z-T-A. Darling Daughter (DD) and I used Facetime to choose fabrics from my stash (as she prep'd to go get sushi with a friend). I received a number of thumbs up during the process.
I have finished the sample and am quite pleased. Applique purchased from ...Only 3 more to go by Monday.... Until next time...Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

OK... I'm going for it. No ready to wear (RTW) for a year! Can I do it? Will I cave? I certainly hope not! I've been "sew" inspired by Goodbye Valentino that I simply can not resist. Join in privately if you must, but join in! Keep up at least every month to see what I'm able to accomplish. Til soon, dml

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Initial Post to Sew Far Sew Good

Hi!  I'm a newbie to blogging and kind of wondering why I even have created a blog.  I can't say that I'll be all that dedicated to it.  Who knows what I will say or when I will say it.

The purpose of this blog is post ideas and adventures from my sewing room.  I suppose I'll become more "sew-phisticated" in both my sewing adventures and blogging as we go along.

I have been sewing for four decades (about).  I started out learning to make garments, etc. in middle school Home Economics class (I think they call it something else these days) and continued from there.  My mother was a sewist.  She made a number of my dresses when I was younger - and until I became too cool to wear home made clothes.... However!! Now that I think about it.... it was OK for me to make my own clothes and wear them.  Hum....

After having a few children, I tried to make a garment for myself once again.  What happened to patterns??? They SHRANK!  I no longer wore the same size AND if I did, all KINDS of adjustments needed to be made!  To heck with that!  I learned to quilt!  :-)

I will say that for someone who was not really into geometry..... I really love quilting and have a number of UFOs to prove it!

I joined the American Sewing Guild ( about 3-4 years ago and participate in our local chapter and a number of small "neighborhood" groups.  Last year, I found myself leading a group that is focused on.... GARMENT CONSTRUCTION....  Ha!  I think that the wonderfully talented ladies in the group (about 12 of us meet monthly) keep everything going.  I have learned so much from them!

So, as I continue to hone my craft, I hope to share my triumphs and successes with you.  There are a huge number of bloggers out there whom I've learned from and enjoy following as well.  I can only hope to be as engaging and entertaining.

So cheers to you and I hope that you are reading this because you are a sewer too..... looking for inspiration and a friend.