Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Initial Post to Sew Far Sew Good

Hi!  I'm a newbie to blogging and kind of wondering why I even have created a blog.  I can't say that I'll be all that dedicated to it.  Who knows what I will say or when I will say it.

The purpose of this blog is post ideas and adventures from my sewing room.  I suppose I'll become more "sew-phisticated" in both my sewing adventures and blogging as we go along.

I have been sewing for four decades (about).  I started out learning to make garments, etc. in middle school Home Economics class (I think they call it something else these days) and continued from there.  My mother was a sewist.  She made a number of my dresses when I was younger - and until I became too cool to wear home made clothes.... However!! Now that I think about it.... it was OK for me to make my own clothes and wear them.  Hum....

After having a few children, I tried to make a garment for myself once again.  What happened to patterns??? They SHRANK!  I no longer wore the same size AND if I did, all KINDS of adjustments needed to be made!  To heck with that!  I learned to quilt!  :-)

I will say that for someone who was not really into geometry..... I really love quilting and have a number of UFOs to prove it!

I joined the American Sewing Guild ( about 3-4 years ago and participate in our local chapter and a number of small "neighborhood" groups.  Last year, I found myself leading a group that is focused on.... GARMENT CONSTRUCTION....  Ha!  I think that the wonderfully talented ladies in the group (about 12 of us meet monthly) keep everything going.  I have learned so much from them!

So, as I continue to hone my craft, I hope to share my triumphs and successes with you.  There are a huge number of bloggers out there whom I've learned from and enjoy following as well.  I can only hope to be as engaging and entertaining.

So cheers to you and I hope that you are reading this because you are a sewer too..... looking for inspiration and a friend.